Terminator Jokes

Here are some awesome jokes related to The Terminator movies.

John Connor: Wanna play famous composers?

Terminator: Okay.

John Connor: I’ll be Mozart.

Terminator: I’ll be Bach.

the terminator bach mozart

A man walks into a bar…

terminator man walks into bar

The Terminator: “They asked me to upgrade to Windows 7, but I said, ‘I still love Vista, baby.'”

terminator i still love vista

I’ll be Bach.

i'll be bach

Q: What did The Terminator say at the bird convention when leaving for lunch?

A: “Owl be back.”

owl be back terminator

Arnold Schwarzenegger is going to return to the next Terminator movie. In this one, Arnold goes back in time to erase all traces of him hosting Celebrity Apprentice.

conan terminator jokes

Q: Why did The Terminator eat a lot of food?

A: Because the food said, “I’ll be back.”

Q: Why did The Terminator cross the road?

A: Because he said, “I’ll be back.”

Q: What did The Terminator say to the bro at the club?

A: “Chill out, dickwad.”

Q: What did the Terminator say to the frozen T-1000 as he walked toward him through liquid nitrogen?

A: “Ice to meet you.”

Q: What did The Terminator say to the chili dog?

A: “Chili out, dickwad.”

Q: What did The Terminator say after he served 3 steak tacos with a side of guacamole to his customer at his Mexican restaurant?

A: “No problemo.”

Q: What did The Terminator say to Harley-Davidson?

A: “I need your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle.”

Q: What did Arnold Schwarzenegger say to the movie execs when he found out they wanted more racial diversity in the Terminator movies?

A: “I’ll be black.”

Q: What did the Terminator do after he lost his job?

A: He became an ex-Terminator

The Terminator Jokes

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  1. Bob Franco says:

    What did one Terminator say to the other after both traveled back in 1984 to kill Sarah Connor?

    “We’re back. In time.”

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