The Terminator Gif Collection

Here is a really cool gif image of The Terminator characters.

Terminator 2 Dog

And here is a funny gif from The Terminator 2 where a dog walks through the jail bars instead of the T-1000. LOL!

funny terminator 2 gif dog

Awesome Terminator GIF

terminator 2 robot gif
Here’s another funny one.

funny terminator gif lol
The Terminator putting on sunglasses.

arnold terminator put on sunglasses gif
“I’ll be back”

terminator i'll be back gif
The T-1000 shaking his finger.

t-1000 gif

Cool action scene from Terminator 2.

cool action scene terminator 2

liquid terminator gif

Here is when the Terminator cuts his arm open. Awesome!

terminator gif cuts arm open
Here is the Terminator on his motorcycle shooting the shotgun:

motorcycle shotgun terminator gif

It’s a Terminator on fire!

terminator on fire

Terminator Dog gif and gifs

So funny.

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