Who Was The Early Choice To Play The Role Of The Terminator Before Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Have you been wondering a burning question when watching The Terminator movies for the 500th time?

Who was the early choice to play the role of The Terminator before Arnold Schwarzenegger?

O. J. Simpson.

The now controversial former NFL player and actor was originally considered to play the iconic sci-fi role.

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Apparently, Orion Pictures’ co-founder Mike Medavoy offered the headlining part to O.J. Simpson, who was many years later famously found not guilty of the murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and restaurant waiter Ron Goldman in 1995 (reminder, the first Terminator came out in 1984, around when OJ would have been considered for the role.)

James Cameron’s Casting Decision

According to sources, James Cameron stopped the casting of O.J. for the Terminator.

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He pointed out that it could offend movie-goers and audiences to show an African-American man play a character, whose intent is to murder a white woman, even though it was a fictional story about a time-travelling cyborg.

Arnold Was Chosen For the Role

Instead, the film crew obviously chose to go with Arnold, who since then, has had many roles in awesome movies with awesome Arnold Schwarzenegger movie quotes.

O.J. Was Going to be The Terminator Instead of Arnold Sounds Crazy

In conclusion, it is interesting to note that English actor and NFL football player O.J. Simpson was the early choice to play the role of The Terminator before Arnold Schwarzenegger was cast in the role. This is an interesting fact because Simpson is primarily known for his football career, among other things, and not for his possible role in the Terminator franchise.

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